Roadside technical assistance in Vilnius – we will help you at all times. Urgent roadside technical assistance can be requested by placing a single call – we will be on our way immediately. We provide services in Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities. A trailer is always on duty and will arrive in the shortest time possible, so feel free to choose our services at any time.


  • Recovering cars and vans that have gone off the road.
  • Recovering cars that have become stuck.
  • Fast fuel delivery on the road.
  • Trailer services, vehicle transportation – we can transport standard and custom vehicles and vans with a vehicle carrier, including sports cars with low suspension.
  • Repair services – we can fix your car. Fault diagnostics and on-the-road vehicle repair.
  • Emergency engine starting in case of a depleted battery – 12 V.
  • Urgent wheel changing and on-the-road tyre repair.
  • We transport motorcycles.
  • We can move vehicle scrap to a recycling plant after a crash straight from the accident site.
  • We transport construction materials.


The price of the services depends on several factors, such as: time of the day, technical state of the car, distance and other variables. We can also take up to two passengers along with the broken-down vehicle.

Our contact details:

Certificate No. 669343

Call us: +37063299777


fast roadside assistance for cars
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